Penny Harvest for Endangered Species

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The Endangered Species Coalition is proud to work with schools around the country in helping students to learn about the importance of protecting threatened and endangered species. As part of this effort, the ESC organizes a yearly Endangered Species Day Youth Art Contest and has sample art and science lesson plans.
Students and school groups have also found their own unique and inspiring ways to be part of saving species. The students at the Evergreen School in Shoreline, Washington collected 480lbs of pennies as part of the Penny Harvest.  Here’s what they had to say:

The Evergreen School Penny Harvest roundtable consisting of (11 students from Grades 3-7) met from February to late April 2012.  Penny Harvest is a program through Solid Ground, which promotes “service learning activities that help students apply classroom learning to real-world problems.”  After collecting and harvesting pennies in the fall, participating schools are given $1,000 to donate to their chosen non-profit organizations.  The Evergreen roundtable identified eight to ten organizations that worked around issues that the entire school suggested through a Wheel of Caring project and pie chart.  Those organizations serve and advocate for the environment, international food aid, local hunger, and endangered/threatened animal species.  After much research and many phone interviews, students selected two organizations to give to, one of which was the Endangered Species Coalition, to which the students elected to donate $400. The whole process was immensely enlightening for our students.

“Endangered Species Coalition organized work to bring a species off the endangered species list and that seemed really important to me.” –AS age 10
“One of our criteria/interests was endangered species and another was the environment and ESC satisfied both of those!”– BR age 8
“I liked the political advocacy aspect of the ESC’s work.”-RF age 12

In donating to the Endangered Species Coalition, the students and teachers at the Evergreen School asked that their support be directed to work in the Pacific and Pacific Northwest saving species that call this region home. The ESC immediately put their generous support into use on the ground in California where we’re working to prevent the rapid decline of salmon populations and protect other California and Pacific coast endangered and threatened species. Thanks Evergreen School!

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