If you signed the pledge to give up plastics for the week of Endangered Species Day, the time is now! And if you haven’t, it’s not too late to be part of the Plastics Pledge for Endangered Species–add your name today. This one action on your part can help to begin to address the problem of plastic pollution of our oceans. 

Graphic credit One World One Ocean Campaign.

We have compiled a few tips to make the week as productive as possible.

If you prefer to drink with straws when you are out, remember to bring a reusable straw in your bag as well as some reusable utensils if you frequent restaurants that serve meals with plastic forks, spoons, and knives (like takeout restaurants). And don’t forget the reusable shopping bag, please!

The key to all of this is you. When the server offers a straw or plastic utensils, POLITELY decline and tell them you are going without to help prevent plastic pollution.

If you can do more, please download and print these cards from The Last Plastic Straw to leave with your bill at restaurants to encourage them to only serve straws on request. Or, you can download and print this two-sided bilingual flyers to help spread the word!

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Stay Informed!

6 comments on “Make #EndangeredSpeciesDay week plastic-free for wildlife

  1. Leider sind bereits zu viele Menschen zu bequem geworden, von selbst, also ohne Aufforderung endlich einmal gegen die Plastik Vermüllung unseres Erdballes etwas zu unternehmen und sich entsprechend bei ihrem Konsum bzw. Kaufverhalten gegen Plastik entscheiden. Immerhin sind Gewässer, Meere und die Natur schon derart vermüllt, so dass bereits eine Gefährdung unserer Gesundheit nicht auszuschließen ist. Wir müssen endlich wach werden, denn irgend wann kommt der Punkt, an dem kein Mensch mehr eine Chance hat, zu überleben, weil wir alles verseucht haben.

  2. we have no need for plastic straws. .Paper straws work just as well for one drink and they breakdown easier and are better for us and the environment.

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