Last month, we posted a video of Interior Secretary Jewell speaking at an event at the Center for American Progress.  During that event, she was asked a question about her proposal to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for most of the nation’s gray wolves. In response, she recounted being asked by a young person in Rhode Island not to delist wolves.

The young person’s name is Alyssa Grayson and she recorded the a video reply to Secretary Jewell, once again asking her to do what the science says and maintain protections for gray wolves. Watch the video:

We now know that science does not support this plan. An independent peer review panel examined the proposal and unanimously determined that it is not supported by the best available science. Please ask Secretary Jewell to do what the science says and withdraw this proposal and resume the efforts to recover wolves across the country.

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22 comments on “It’s about science — a 13 year-old responds to Secretary Jewell

  1. I agree with Ms. Alyssa Grayson and the independent study that unanimously agreed wolves have not been recovered , and should not be delisted. Secretary Jewell, you stated in a video post to Alyssa that its about the science.. I hold you to that statement to follow the best peer reviewed science for wolves.
    Dave Hornoff
    The Wildlife Advocate (FB)

  2. Wolves are not recovered, we need to stop killing and listen to the science

    I agree with Dave Hornoff, you stated in a video post to Alyssa that its about the science. Let see how you decide this for the science is telling you not to delist the wolves. They are so need for the eco system having them killed is going to do way more harm than good….

  3. Wolves are essential to our eco system. And let me add that wolves do not attack people as Fairy Tales & Hollywood suggests.

  4. You need to side with science and do NOT delist wolves!
    The American people are losing faith in
    government, with budget shortfalls, killing bison
    and wolves. You can help restore the faith by
    making the right decision and keeping wolve
    on the endangered species list.

    1. I agree with Alyssa Grayson that wolves and all wildlife should be managed according to the best science available and not by selfish special interest groups. An intact ecosystem is vital to all of us in the world, and all its parts are essential. Too many people are waging a war of hate and vindiction against wolves and I strongly believe that they cannot recover without the help of the endangered species act. We need to act responsibly to prevent a second extermination of this vital keystone species.

  5. Alyssa I too remember the first time I seen wolves on the ground in Yellowstone. I was sobbing, thinking of how lucky I was to see them returned to there rightful place in Yellowstone and how proud I was for my generation for undoing the sins of our grandfathers. Today I work with an organization called Howling for Wolves that is fighting hard to stop the hunting and trapping of these magnificent creatures. keep fighting for them, they are so worth it.

  6. I agree that the wolves should not be delisted! They have a rightful place on our planet! If they are delisted they will be murdered by the ones that think they have the right to kill them. Keep fighting for them, they are so very worth it!

  7. It is wonderful to see a youth have a passion for wildlife protection and the tenacity to follow through on those feeling, well done Alyssa for getting your voice heard and your most valid message across loud and clear.

  8. Alyssa, I am in support of your efforts – YES, Secretary Jewell, put your money where your mouth is! or was! You yourself said, do what the science says. I myself believe in that too and not being a scientist, researched what the science says about this issue – and it seems pretty unequivocal. Do NOT take them off the list. Show this young woman – and all of us – that their voices DO matter. Thank you

  9. Don’t delist the wolves! Keep them safe so posterity is able to experience these wonderful animals. Go Alyssa and long live the wolves!

  10. I think the gray wolves should stay on the endangered species list or they will eventually be endangered again

  11. I am a agricultural science teacher and teach ecosystems to my middle school students. The wolf is extremely important in keeping the natural food chain healthy. A few years ago, we were fortunate to have Mission:Wolf visit our school. This organization brought several wolves with them and students were able to view them as they walked around the gym. The spokesperson for the group explained their importance in keeping the Elk population healthy and as an added result the pounding of the elks hooves opened up the land to absorb more water. Another important component of keeping the ecosystem healthy. I feel that the wolf population has not fully recovered and that they should remain on the endangered list and be protected from being hunted.

  12. Recover the wolves! Don’t delist them! They are one of the world’s wonders and there are only few. Stick to the science please! Go Alyssa! Keep doing what you believe in!

  13. We agree with Alyssa too. Being passionate about what you believe in is great and it’s backed up by science. Let the wolves live!

  14. It was great seeing a kid like me standing up for wolves. I was overjoyed watching this. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO BE DOING THIS

  15. Yellowstone is. Fantastic example of the science of bringing back the wolf. Since wolves have returned to Yellowstone it is a much healthier place for all wildlife. The wolf was instrumental in the return of the Aspen wich had been desimated By over populations of Elk. With the return of the Aspen came the return of the Beaver and with the Beaver came wetlands that is home to many species. The whole chain of life that had been broken was repaired because of the wolf. Apex creatures are a valuable link a healthy ecosystem chain. Also it keeps large heard a in check by preying on the sick and weak so that only the strong and healthy are left to breed and assuring there is no overgrazing as was the case with the Aspen when large heard a ran out of food and resorted to eating trees to survive. That’s SCIENCE for ya

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