Today (February 27) is International Polar Bear Day. This year’s observance of the day is especially significant as polar bears continue to be an indicator species for the health of the Arctic and the planet generally. 

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently released a new plan for protecting polar bears finding that, “the single most important achievement for polar bear conservation is decisive action to address Arctic warming.”

Polar bears depend on sea ice to catch prey and for denning. This ice is declining at a staggering 13.3 percent per decade. Without changes that slow or stop that melting, polar bears will suffer.

You can email President Trump here and ask him to take climate change seriously. He has made public statements and taken actions that indicate he has not arrived at a science-based conclusion around the impacts of global climate change, and your email could help push his administration in a more productive direction. 

You can also learn more about polar bears and encourage others to by sharing this infographic

36 facts about polar bears

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