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  1. An interesting item to read is a Professional Paper published in 1986 by Dr. D Chapman; titled ‘Salmon and Steelhead Abundance in the Columbia River in the Nineteenth Century.’
    Figure #1 of this Paper shows a graph of ‘Total Catches of Chinook Salmon in the Columbia Riverm 1868-1966.’
    This Figure shows that the ‘Maximum Catch’ of approximately 20 Million Kilograms was made in 1883; and by 1960 the ‘Annual Catch’ had diminished to approximately 2 Million Kilograms; approximately ten (10) percent of the 1883 Catch.
    This significant decrease in the Catch occurred before the construction of the Four Lower Snake River Dams; so therefore they could not have entered into the equation for this significant decrease in Catch.
    Is the real culprit here ‘over-fishing,’ or perhaps something else as well?
    It appears to be much more than just the Four Lower Snake River Dams.

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