Large carnivores play a key role in healthy and thriving ecosystems. They’re also some of the most beautiful, iconic, and beloved species in our country. At the Endangered Species Coalition, we work every single day to protect large carnivore species, and we wanted to do something special this month to celebrate them. So we decided to host a trivia night featuring three of our favorite large carnivore species: orcas, gray wolves, and grizzly bears!

Learn more and sign up for Large Carnivore Trivia Night now!

What: Large Carnivore Trivia night will have four rounds of questions about gray wolves, orcas, and grizzlies, and the questions will range from ecology and biology to history, politics, and pop culture.

Date: Wednesday, May 17th

Time:5pm – 6:30pm Pacific (8pm – 9:30pm Eastern)

Where:We’ll be hosting our Large Carnivore Trivia night over Zoom, so you can take a break from trekking to your local bar and play from the comfort of your own home!

Save your spot and get ready to test your knowledge of these iconic and beautiful large carnivores!

Prizes will be given out to trivia winners, including a first place prize of three Endangered Species Chocolate Company chocolate bars and a $25 Patagonia gift card.

Money from ticket sales will support Endangered Species Coalition’s work to protect wolves, orcas, and grizzly bears, and the habitats that they call home. So join us to have some fun for the benefit of our large carnivores!

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