Ensuring that wolves are successful in Colorado is going to take everyone. One easy way people who own a car in Colorado can help is by going to the DMV and purchasing “Born to be Wild” license plates. 

These license plates not only look great, the funds from people buying them will go directly towards supporting conflict prevention between wolves and livestock. We know from experience conflict prevention can work very well. In places where livestock producers are using these techniques, depredation of livestock is near zero! This is the goal here too and we can do it with everyone’s buy in. 

People on the western slope of Colorado, and in particular livestock grazers, are the first to begin our process of learning to live with wolves. This means that people who live on the front range and in cities can show that the concerns and needs of our fellow coloradans are heard and answered. These license plates are a good faith act of support for folks being asked to be impacted by the changes most. This program is paired with the  years of work by Colorado Park and Wildlife listening, planning, and creating a robust and generous compensation plan for any livestock killed by wolves. Working together to take care of our wildlife and each other in the process is something people in Colorado should be proud of. We are doing it our way, the Colorado way. 

To get your “Born to be Wild”  license plates go to your county DMV and request to purchase them. More information can be found at https://wolfplate.org/

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