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13 comments on “Winning entries chosen in 2017 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

    1. Omg!! Soo talented!! You should make a calendar with all offbeat ans sell or for the cause.

  1. Thank you for letting us see these beautiful examples of the art of the youth of our country.
    Are any of these available as prints? greeting cards?
    I would love to share these with my friends!
    The Rusty Bumble Bees deserved its award.
    Thanks again,
    Liz Schaeffer

  2. To see all the love for the endangered creatures that went into these entries is really heartwarming. That a seven-year-old painted Rusty Bumble Bees so beautifully is beyond amazing. Keep up the good work in spite of Trump!

    1. Wow, these are such masterpieces for the children’s ages and are beautiful! And they are all for such a great cause! But Jais, please, let’s not bring politics into this! These are outstanding, and no need of Trump interfering with these lovely pieces! But yes, very heartwarming! All of the poor animals, but these kids have better art skills than a lot of adult artists!

  3. Beautiful art work, Liz you can buy the paintings, it is $31 each. I got the rusty bumble bee.

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