Hundreds of activists to tell the Senate to protect endangered species during the Stop Extinction Challenge

The Endangered Species Coalition is organizing the fourth-consecutive Stop Extinction Challenge this August when activists around the country will show up at their local Senate offices to speak out about their reasons for supporting endangered species protections.

This year’s Stop Extinction Challenge comes shortly after the release of the 2019 IPBES report showing that one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history.

There is hope, however. Legislation like the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act and CECIL Act could be a lifeline to struggling species like elephants, tigers, and migratory birds and animals.

Last year, events were held in 23 states with 31 Senate offices. This year, we anticipate at least as many meetings.


You can be a part of the #StopExtinction Challenge by finding a meeting near you or sending your senators an email or tweet to tell them to protect the Endangered Species Act.


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17 comments on “Hundreds of activists to tell the Senate to protect endangered species during the Stop Extinction Challenge

  1. We are the cancer of the planet multiplying while resources are vanishing with climate change biodiversity is at stake we need to protect the endangered species act before it is too late!!!

  2. Il faut impérativement une LOI pour protéger les espèces en voie de disparition !!!
    Merci de ce que vous pouvez.

  3. If fools don’t listen NOW, the next extinct species will be OURS!
    Please act now!
    God bless you.

  4. It saddens and angers me that my grandchildren will probably witness a world where there are no longer polar bears or mountain gorillas or gray wolves. Think how rich our lives are for the site of all the beautiful creatures that inhabit our country. I am unable to understand why some people in our government want to wipe them out or at the least not give them a chance to raise their families without our interference.

  5. 90% of Americans are in favor of the ESA which protects Wildlife Animals from going Extinct. All Wildlife Animals play important roles in the ecosystems without them we won’t Survive. Do the right thing and protect the ESA it should be at All costs

  6. Endangered species require all the help they can get. Not indifference or worse, having their established protections taken away. They are deeply valued and we want them to survive and someday to thrive.

  7. Go vegan- for all animals, wildlife, nature, oceans, environment, rainforests, your health and to end world hunger.

  8. Really?? We are human. We have brains. Let’s use them!! There is NO second chance if we do not change our ways NOW!!

  9. Our world is a closed ecosystem where all species benefit each other and the planet. We need to respect science.

  10. I wonder if anyone have ever stopped to think that we are animals too?
    We are different species, but we all belong to the same animal kingdom.
    What give us the right to destroy other species?
    Mr. Kaine i am a supporter of OPS and The Dolphin Project, and ask
    you to please, stop and think on what you doing before is too late.
    Stop killing endangered species and remember, the World is us
    not only for you or me, but every single organism on this planet.

  11. I have a tree that year after year I get different birds making nests in it. It’s beautiful and I love drinking my coffee in the morning listening and spotting birds. But my neighbor hates my tree and he’s trying to cut roots that go to his yard. I’m afraid he will end up killing my tree and most importantly the homes of all these migration birds. Anything I can do on a federal level to keep these bird visiting my home every year?

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