The Endangered Species Coalition Launches Pollinator Garden Effort

Plantings to Create Habitat for Imperiled Monarch Butterflies

Washington, DC – As part of its “Pollinator Protectors” campaign, the Endangered Species Coalition is sponsoring a fall series of pollinator garden plantings throughout the United States.

“It’s imperative that we do more to protect the at risk pollinator species— including those currently listed as threatened or endangered—by expanding their habitat with new pollinator-specific gardens throughout the country,” said Leda Huta, Executive Director of the Endangered Species Coalition. “Our Pollinator Protectors program is aimed at educating individuals and groups as to the importance of these gardens and providing the appropriate support to establish them in more locations.”

The pollinator garden planting series kicked off at the end of September and are scheduled to continue through October in these locations: Washington, D.C.; Helena, MT; San Diego, CA; Boulder, CO; Boise, Idaho; Spokane, WA; Indianapolis, IN; Roseburg, OR; Warrenton, VA; and Cherry Hill, NJ, with additional plantings planned for other locations during the year. As more planting events are created, they will be added to this map.

The Pollinator Protectors campaign is one of the Endangered Species Coalition’s key initiatives to help protect imperiled pollinator species. According to the Coalition’s 2014 report, Vanishing: Ten American Species Our Children May Never See, irresponsible pesticide use and habitat loss have significantly reduced the population of the rusty-patched bumble bee, Monarch butterfly and other native pollinators.

The Endangered Species Coalition also has helped expand Monarch butterfly habitat nationwide by organizing special milkweed garden plantings as part of its annual Endangered Species Day celebration – annually, on the third Friday in May. During the last three years, the Coalition has supported milkweed gardens in 40 locations in 15 states, with a new series of plantings set for next year’s Endangered Species Day on May 18, 2018.

To further support pollinator conservation awareness, the Endangered Species Coalition developed the Missing Species Report project, a special classroom curriculum for K-12 teachers and youth group and other educators. It includes extensive material on endangered species conservation and includes specific actions that people can take to protect pollinators and other threatened species.

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