manateeesdayThe 11th annual Endangered Species Day is coming up in weeks. On Friday, May 20th, events will be held around the country to celebrate successes in protecting imperiled species and to engage in service to keep up the fight.

You can find events near you at Events are registered frequently as May 20th approaches, so check back if you don’t see something. Or, download the toolkit and organize your own event!

If you are not attending an event, you can still make a difference. Pledge to make a change on Endangered Species Day to benefit vanishing wildlife. Here are a few ways you can take action:

Give up meat for 24 hours. The global demand for meat is creating a world of problems. Water pollution, habitat loss, climate change and wildlife conflicts are all problems that can begin to be addressed by taking meat off your plate. 

Walk, bike, or take public transit to school or work: Small steps can make a difference! Pledge to leave the car at home and find alternative ways to get to work or school. Lowering your carbon footprint is a step towards addressing climate change and using less fossil fuels reduces the threats posed to endangered and threatened species in their production and transport.

Make conscious consumption a priority: Pay attention to what you buy for 24 hours. Is it sustainable? Keep a log of your impact for the day! Does the snack food you bought contain palm oil? Were pesticides used in growing the fruits and produce on your plate? Being aware is the first step in making change.

Sign up here to pledge to take Endangered Species Day action and we will remind you as we get closer to the date and give you helpful information to make sure you succeed.

However you support, we hope you can be a part of Endangered Species Day!


Stay Informed!

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