Winning entries were announced in the 2016 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. The entires were chosen from more than one thousand submissions from very talented young artists around the country. The art submissions represent either land or ocean dwelling species that lives in or migrates through the United States and its waters, or a plant that is found in the United States, and has been placed on the threatened or endangered species list.

The Grand Prize winning entry is from Miles Yun who will be coming to Washington, D.C. soon to accept his award! 

The Grade Category Winners are:

K-2 Grade Category Winner: Rachel Yang

3-5 Grade Category Winner: Sophia Xie

6-8 Grade Category Winner: Katrina Sharonin

9-12 Grade Category Winner: Elizabeth Kiernicki

You can view all of the semi-finalist entries here. Thank you to everyone who participated!



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