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5 comments on “Senate Committee Aims to Weaken Endangered Species Act

  1. Protect our endangered animals. All over this country there are people who happily volunteer their time to protect endangered animals. It’s our responsibility. It’s even in Genesis.

  2. I absolutely support the Endangered Species Act This should go without question for this country’s symbol of freedom and strength!

  3. The ESA is under the greatest threat to its existence under the current Republican led congress.
    I see over and over the stat that the majority of Americans support the ESA. What I do not see is organized effort by all the interested parties – fishermen, birders, general outdoors people and lovers of wild places, etc – to reach this vast number of people. If we don’t do that, there seems little doubt that the ESA will be gutted.
    I have called numerous organizations such as Earth Justice, American Bird Conservancy, American Birding Association and there is not a response that says this is URGENT!
    How can we all make this happen?
    We need to start by preventing the War on Wolves legislation from passing…what do we do?

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