On Friday, May 15th, which is the 15th annual Endangered Species Day, we’re hosting an online film screening of Racing ExtinctionRacing Extinction is a fast-paced, informative documentary about the role that humans play in the loss of Earth’s biodiversity. It shines a spotlight on the serious threat of wildlife trafficking around the world, and what we need to do to stop it.

After the film, we’re also holding a live Q&A session with the Racing Extinction filmmaking team. Learn more about what went on behind the scenes from director Louie Psihoyos, photographer Shawn Heinrichs, and race car driver Leilani Munter.

RSVP today for the screening and live Q&A with the film team.

Given that the global coronavirus pandemic likely originated from the illegal wildlife trade, it is more important than ever that we understand the threat posed by wildlife trafficking. Racing Extinction shows the devastating impacts of the illegal wildlife trade on biodiversity, but also shows us how the courage to speak out about this issue can make a difference. In these challenging times, we need that kind of courage more than ever.

Join us at our virtual Racing Extinction screening for Endangered Species Day 2020.

You can also participate in Endangered Species Day in a variety of other ways, including by joining the What’s in My Backyard? Outdoor species identification challenge on May 16th. Learn more about this activity and more on our website, www.endangeredspeciesday.org.

Thank you for your support and for standing up for wildlife. We look forward to celebrating with you on Endangered Species Day!

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  1. This is a great move and it has been too long in coming. Animals were on this earth before humans and if we don’t learn how to accept this then what comes next may be worse than what we’re going thru now. Animals need us and we need them, but we must stay in our own spaces and stop making our homes where their homes were. We cut the trees down, we burn down the
    forests, we build roads and buildings one after another, people capture, sell, eat, abuse, take photos and use animals as entertainments. It’s about time to care about the climate, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the crops that feed us, the fruit of the vine, all creatures and their habitats instead of standing with big business, esp. oil companies for fracking, pipe lines, etc. and Trumps Wall that will make the rich more rich and the poor more poor and the sick, disabled, and those who can’t speak up for themselves more muted and decayed.

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