Endangered Species Coalition is enthusiastic to announce our newest animation Return of the Wolf to Colorado, an analog and digital animation created for the Wolf Tales project, in support of wolf reintroduction in the state of Colorado. The animation was created by animators Edd Carr and Gabriel Rolim, with audio soundscape by Joel Maddox and vocals by Ayesha Ubayatilaka.

Edd Carr printed each frame as a cyanotype, anthotype/cyanotype combination, or hand-painted watercolors. These historic, non-toxic photographic techniques are complemented by the digital practices of Gabriel Rolim, who mixed and remixed manipulated camera trap footage to create a collaborative film. Big thanks to Voyageurs Wolf Project for allowing the use of their camera trap footage of wolves to be accessed and adapted by the animators.

ESC, in partnership with Animated Ecologies, developed this animation in recognition of the 2023 wolf reintroduction to Colorado – after more than eighty years without the presence of wolves in local state ecosystems. The approaching reintroduction of wolves is happening as a result of voter approval of the 2020 ballot initiative Proposition 114. To learn more about Colorado’s wolf reintroduction and receive current updates and progress on returning wolves to Colorado, you can check out Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Wolf Management page


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