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5 comments on “Memorial for Tahlequah’s Baby and J50: First We Mourn, Then We Organize

  1. I am so sorry for the death of these young beautiful creatures. Please keep us informed on how we can call Senators, Congressman, and whoever else to pressure change. Let’s organize to make difference and save the next ones being born!

  2. Thanks to organizers for the event and to the raising of awareness that it hopefully will stimulate… especially for the need to address climate change and the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion!!!

  3. A very moving event – thank you to all who organized and spoke and sang. It meant so much and I am energized to keep it up. Can you tell me the name of the river coalition group created by the young man from the Nez Perce tribe – I believe his name was Nathan? – I would like to learn more and help if I can.

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