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36 comments on “Landmark Legislation to Protect Wildlife Corridors Introduced in the Senate and House

  1. We need more legislation and laws like this to protect even wider range of wildlife habitats. Protect these lands against business and industry minded people.

    1. You are exactly right. Our wildlife is imperative to the ecology in this world, these animals must not be destroyed!

    2. Let’s protect our wildlife before it is too late. Protecting our environment for the present and the future are absolutely essential. Let us show our children we care about them and their families.

  2. The Injustice of the Innocent & Voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human-inflicted suffering. As the highest created being, humans have a moral obligation to be wise stewards of animals. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do NOT justify the means!

    We all know that there is something seriously wrong with a system where the best day of an animal’s life is the day that it is finally over!

    Every Living Creature deserves the Right to Live as Nature has intended.

    Not only do animal victims deserve to be free from abuse and neglect, but numerous studies show a correlation between animal cruelty and violence toward people—animal cruelty impacts community safety.

    If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.

  3. Much of the danger faced by our most endangered species stems from habitat loss due to fragmentation, climate change, and other causes. The best available science recommends connecting habitats to ensure the genetic strength of both threatened populations and biodiversity as a whole. So it is imperative that Corridors should be made available in order to protect animals from injuries and deaths.



  4. These creatures have had too much of their habitats taken over by humans. These creatures were placed on this Earth for a reason. We have to allow them a chance at survival to maintain our ecosystem.

  5. This is crucial as more and more open spaces and green corridors are bisected by roads. Let’s protect and coexist with our wildlife!

  6. I favor the Act-What a sensible & brilliant idea!

    Expect push-back from the greedy oil & gas mining companies owners & their unprincipled lobbyists; owners even want to drill in our beloved National Parks & Monuments spaces. Their officials disrespect those iconic lands and have NO regard for animals, birds, pollinator bees, etc., most sadly!

  7. it does not take much to include these in planning for roads and bridges they are our family too take care of them

  8. Every day more and more species disappear along with our lands designated as “preserved” and endangered. Let’s not pave America, let’s save it!

  9. We’re all here to protect our irreplaceable wildlife. The role they play in our ecosystem is priceless, and they’re beauty and ageless wisdom must be respected and humans need to take heed, because without a healthy planet, wildlife too….. we all face a horrendous future.

  10. Yes, please do all you can to keep our wildlife safe and secure. They need as much protection as we can give them. They are here and they have a job to do in order to keep the balance of nature intact.

  11. These are awesome and necessary! We are encroaching on their territory the least we can do us help them move safely!

  12. Wildlife corridors are so, so needed in every place possible, and are necessary for the survival of wildlife. Such a good idea and they really work!

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