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5 comments on “House Unleashes Barrage of Bills to Weaken Endangered Species Act

  1. Recently I worked in Texas on the restoration of the Whooping Crane habitat with Earthwatch. Our work and similar programs are critical to the significant improvement in the population of Whooping Cranes; going from about 14 living birds to now over 400 in the flock. The Endangered Species act was a critical step in the restoration as has it been in many other species. Here in Michigan the Kirtland’s Warbler is another example of success all because of the dramatic efforts of funding and work from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the support of the Smithsonian Institute and thousands of hours of volunteer work. Protection and ecological management of the wild habitat is critical to these continued protection efforts.

  2. We, as caretakers of our planet must take our mission to protect our wild endemic species. In achieving this, we need to understand that, as a species we must treat all animals with due respect for their sentiency, meaning that they feel pain as we do. We do not “own” animals simply because we share space with them on the planet, just as they don’t “own” us. They are not our property. This extends to animals that carnivorous humans slaughter and eat, and to animals that humans make slaves of to “entertain” us. Can’t we let go and let them be free to thrive in their natural environments? We need to have some dignity and humility as we go about living in our little world.

  3. Our Wild Life needs to b protected..Y don’t u people ever learn from past mistakes, or do is u just don’t care about our wildlife and environment and just care about the money. Don’t u have enough of money???

  4. To threaten the endangered species or wildlife in general is an atrocity and must be fought at the highest level. What is the purpose?

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