Happy New Year! We are looking forward to working with you to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places in 2010.

This will be an exciting and important year for endangered species protections. The Obama Administration is working on changes to endangered species programs. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has stated that he will announce changes to Endangered Species Act regulations in 2010. Last year, the Obama Administration overturned several Bush Administration regulations that weakened endangered species protections and removed scientific consultation. (See our post Obama Administration Restores Endangered Species Act protections.) When they announced those changes, they began to collect public comment for how to more effectively administer the Endangered Species Act. At the time, the Endangered Species Coalition submitted suggestions about how to strengthen endangered species protections and thousands of our members also submitted comments. We expect the new proposed regulations early this year and we’ll be following the process closely.

In addition, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will be implementing the Climate Change Strategy, the federal plan to protect wildlife and wild places from the impacts of global warming. The Endangered Species Coalition and our member groups will be working closely with them to ensure that endangered species and their habitats are protected. In addition, we’ll be pressing for greater protections for the polar bear, gray wolf, pacific salmon and other endangered species.

In 2010, the Endangered Species Coalition and our member organizations will:

Advocate for stronger protections for endangered species and their habitat;
Identify and protect the species most at risk from global warming;

Build public support for gray wolf recovery in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies;
Restore pacific salmon and the wild rivers where they live; and

Organize Endangered Species Day, a celebration of our nation’s endangered wildlife, birds, fish and plants

Find out more about the Endangered Species Coalition’s work and how to get involved, by clicking here.

Stay Informed!

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