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6 comments on “Fight & Win

  1. I know no one who is more experienced and passionate about protecting our natural world than Brock Evans. He’s been an inspiration to me and many, many others in our work to protect all species from the disruptive and destructive actions of resource extraction companies, and developers whose only goal is profit. Brock has lived a life devoted to environmental activism, protection of wild ‘critters’, as well as the places they call home. Brock is one in a million. A man we all can learn from, be inspired by, and who can show us the way forward in the challenging years ahead. This book is a must for anyone concerned about leaving a world to our grandchildren rich in the diversity and beauty the natural world provides.

  2. I know of no more inspirational or eloquent speaker on environmental issues and strategies – or anyone who knows more about winning environmental fights – than Brock. Although we are of about the same generation, I have considered him a mentor (and I do not in any way mean to suggest that I have accomplished what he has). If his passion and knowledge come through in this book, it will be a very important step in carrying the movement forward.

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