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3 comments on “A Tale of Two Wolves

  1. Please tell me what, if anything , we can do to stop the USFW Service from annihilating the wolf in the lower 48. Why is our government sanctioning this carnage?

  2. Wolves bring balance to many eco-habitats. Take, for instance, Yellowstone National Park. As a result of reintroducing wolves 15 years ago, the deer population (which had eaten much of the grassy meadows) was trimmed, field mice returned as did foxes to feed on them, trees could grow without sapling leaves being eaten by the deer, beavers came, followed by small lakes and marshes where fish, frogs, newts, etc. could breed and thrive, and bears could enjoy the berries from the newly restored meadows and surplus of mammals.

    Are we concerned about the cattle that are allowed into biomes that have been desecrated by such farm species? Uh oh….so sad. Please reconsider this decision regarding removing the Endangered Species Act. Thank you…Coco

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