Endangered Species Coalition Thanks President Biden for Vetoing Congressional Attack on Endangered Species

Washington, DC – “The Endangered Species Coalition thanks President Biden for vetoing legislation that would have stripped important Endangered Species protections from the Northern long-eared bat and the Lesser prairie chicken,” said Susan Holmes, Executive Director of the Endangered Species Coalition. “With a pen stroke, the President has saved two of America’s most gravely endangered species from likely extinction.” 

Populations of the Northern long-eared bat, native to 37 Eastern and Central states and D.C. have been devastated by disease, and habitat loss have dropped by more than 97 percent. The iconic Lesser Prairie chicken, with its dramatic mating dance, is found in only 10 percent of its historic range. 

“This year, anti-wildlife members of Congress have waged a war against the Endangered Species Act and the species it protects. We appreciate the President standing up to these Congressional attacks but remain very concerned about the dozens of bills recently introduced to weaken protections for our most vulnerable species. With one in five species at risk of extinction, we call on Congress to block any attempts to weaken protection for endangered species.” 

“Americans treasure our wildlife, and the Endangered Species Act remains one of our most successful and beloved laws. As we mark its 50th Anniversary and celebrate its successes, such as the recovery of the bald eagle, surveys show that 90% of the public supports a strong Endangered Species Act.” 


Contact:  Susan Holmes, [email protected]

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1 comment on “Endangered Species Coalition Thanks President Biden for Vetoing Congressional Attack on Endangered Species

  1. Thank you, Mr. President, as you have certainly helped in this long hard battle to save our valuable animals from extinction!! These animals, especially our wolves and bears are very significant in the eco-system and circle of life!! Again, I thank you!!

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