It seems like every day brings a new story of wolves being killed. The state of Oregon recently killed six wolves1 and 91 wolves have lost their lives in Montana’s hunting and trapping season.2

Wolves need a national recovery plan that prevents senseless killing. But with the Administration’s inexplicable and reckless delay in extending Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in Montana and Idaho, their future is grim. And those who live in other states are subject to those states’ policies. The need to protect gray wolves across the US is urgent.

Your support for protecting wolves in the Northern Rockies and beyond will make a meaningful gift. Make a donation today to symbolically adopt a gray wolf and receive a downloadable certificate to print and gift to friends and loved ones or to yourself.

Gray wolves have established footholds in less than one-third of the suitable habitat in our country. A national recovery plan would identify those areas where wolves can safely expand and help them to do so. But the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) needs to do the work.

In the new year, your support will ensure that we can increase the pressure on the USFWS to finally act to save gray wolves across the country. From Wisconsin to the Northern Rockies to Colorado and elsewhere, these majestic animals should be able to once again thrive.

This is our best chance to make a difference. And your gift will go twice as far. All donations made between now and midnight on December 31st will be doubled.

While the day-to-day news about wolves can be difficult to endure, there is hope. We can work together to bring nationwide recovery for this species we nearly drove extinct decades ago. Show a loved one or friend that you support gray wolves with a symbolic adoption of a gray wolf today. You will receive a downloadable certificate instantly that you can print and gift.

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Susan Holmes
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition
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