Countless species, such as New Mexico’s native Mexican Gray Wolf, are edging closer to extinction. Despite a growing biodiversity emergency, the Trump Administration has launched numerous regulatory changes that critically undermine the Endangered Species Act and the imperiled plants and animals that need it to evade extinction.

Among other changes, these revisions bias listing decisions with unreliable economic analysis and make it much more difficult to protect species impacted by climate change. We simply cannot afford to go backward by weakening the Endangered Species Act and the protections it provides to the most imperiled species.

The PAW and FIN Conservation Act, introduced by Senator Tom Udal and House Natural Resources Chairman Raul Grijalva, would fully reinstate the protections of the Endangered Species Act and direct the administration to follow this law as written.

The PAW and FIN Conservation Act would block the Trump extinction plan and undo the damage this administration did with its rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act–but it needs to be passed into law first. An encouraging 18 senators and 79 representatives  have co-sponsored this legislation. Now we need to do our part to make sure more in Congress co-sponsor this critical legislation to restore the Endangered Species Act. On behalf of all the imperiled species that do not have a voice in our political process, please make a call today.

Call your U.S. Senator today by calling the Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

My name is ______ and I’m from _____. As a concerned constituent, I strongly urge the senator to cosponsor S. 2491, Protect America’s Wildlife and Fish in Need of Conservation Act. As you know, the Trump administration announced destructive regulation changes to the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act – severely weakening one of our nation’s most important conservation laws. These new regulations roll back protections for threatened species and prevent the consideration of climate change impacts when listing. These regulations also allow economic factors to be considered in decisions on the survival of species.

Given that biodiversity is declining at a rapid rate, we need strong and effective laws protecting our nation’s most imperiled species. The PAW and FIN ACT would protect the Endangered Species Act by reversing these disastrous regulations. I urge the senator to co-sponsor the PAW and FIN Act (S.2491) and restore the ESA today.

Thank you for your time!

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