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5 comments on “Climate change will leave Edith’s checkerspot butterflies out of sync

  1. Heard of ClimateGate? What do you think are the major ramifications? I’d say mass loss of credibility. Or maybe were just finding out what the meaning of “Mann made climate change” is.

  2. Every one of our animal co-inhabitants carry their own eco-function that may or may not be well known to us. Eating them all up or producing them in mass quantities for our own consumption destroys the eco balance and harmony of our environment.

    The World Watch Institute reported in 2009 that livestock accounts for over 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s our meat eating habit, our lifestyle, that brings this climate change crisis. Food Watch, Germany, reported in 2008 that a person on a vegetarian diet can reduce his/her carbon footprint by 50% while a vegan diet can reduce it by 87%. No wonder Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC, suggests “Don’t eat meat, ride a bike and be a frugal shopper”. In a subtle way, he already pointed out that the primary action we should all take is to stop meat consumption.

    Reducing the short lived greenhouse gases primary produced by livestock (methane) is the best strategy to curb global warming. A plant-based diet and organic farming are the most effective solutions to stop our worsening climate change situation, and much needed now since the global temperature is nearly 1 degree above the baseline.

    Making a diet change is a must for climate change. By prioritizing the “food solution”, we can buy needed time to develop technologies that are more energy efficient and better for the planet.

  3. A little more than five years following the first comment below, the idea of of claiming a discussion of global climate change is tantamount to a “ClimateGate” is beyond ludicrous. The passage of time has increasingly revealed an emerging climate crisis, and thus, mass loss of credibility exists with the deniers – not those working toward solutions. Our biosphere cannot afford the disruption to the pursuit of solutions that accompany squabbling over the reality of global climate change. We need to work together toward solutions – one of which was eloquently shared by Renee below.

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