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Climate change will leave Edith’s checkerspot butterflies out of sync

By Steve Toub As part of our continuing series examining the impacts of climate change on endangered species, we’ll now address how the rapid, disruptive climate change impacts the Edith’s checkerspot butterfly. The butterfly is so sensitive to climate that the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study on the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change says it acts as an “early warning indicator of climate change in North America.” Bay checkerspot butterfly – T.W.Davies (c) California Academy of Sciences Two subspecies… Continue reading

Ask Congress to Protect Our Natural World from Climate Change

In the next few weeks, Congress will vote on an energy and climate change legislation called the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. It sets a first ever cap on global warming pollution and helps reduce the impacts of climate change on our communities, our health and our natural resources. This bill is a good first step, but needs to be strengthened. Ask Congress to defend and strengthen the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Go to… Continue reading

Safeguarding Species in a Warming World

Two stories in Maine caught my eye this week that I think sum up why we’re working hard to ensure that any global warming legislation coming out of Congress helps safeguard species at risk of extinction and all our natural resources. Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of the removal of the Edwards Dam – a hydro dam on the Kennebec river north of Augusta. The removal of the dam opened up 17 miles of fish habitat and started helping restore… Continue reading

Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Climate Change Strategy

By Mitch Merry The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released their proposed Climate Change Strategy marking a positive first step in protecting species from the threats caused by a warming world. The Service says that the plan will “help guide the Fish and Wildlife Service’s response to impacts such as changing wildlife migration patterns, the spread of invasive species, changing precipitation patterns and rising sea levels.” It is a strong recognition by the administration of the scientific concensus that human… Continue reading