Today is the 11th annual Endangered Species Day! The U.S. Senate helped to start this day of celebration of conservation and service for species by passing a resolution in 2006 marking the day. In the years that have followed, local governments have passed similar resolutions and Endangered Species Day has become an opportunity for both committed activists to engage in actions that protect our vanishing wildlife and for others to learn more about the importance of protecting imperiled species and ways that they can help to achieve this. 


Endangered Species Day events are being held around the country today and through the weekend. You can find an event near you through our Endangered Species Day event directory. If there are no events near you, you can still take action for Endangered Species Day.

Actions like planting milkweed, building a bat house, or giving up meat for a day are ways that you can make a difference for imperiled wildlife on Endangered Species Day. You can take action online to protect grizzly bears, monarch butterflies, red wolves, and other species with our friends at or share these 10 ways to protect endangered species

You can find more ways to be a part of the day at Whatever you do, please leave a pin on our map to tell us that you were a part of Endangered Species Day! If you tweet, please use the hashtag #EndangeredSpeciesDay and mention us @endangered to tell us how you are taking part, and we will retweet as possible. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and have a great Endangered Species Day!

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