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Stopping Extinction is in Vogue!

The Endangered Species Coalition in Vogue! The amazing artist Tom Sachs is throwing a fabulous party for the Endangered Species Coalition at his New York City studio next week. For the occasion, he has created a limited edition piece of art – a “necklace” of polar bear cub figurines. Tom will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the art to the Endangered Species Coalition. The Vogue Style section took notice of the sculptures and the event.“It’s rare… Continue reading

Time is Running Out for the Polar Bear

Time is running out for the polar bear. As their sea ice habitat disappears, polar bears are starving and drowning, and mothers and cubs are dying as their snow dens collapse on them due to a warming climate. In addition, pollution from oil and gas drilling threatens to destroy what’s left of the polar bear’s disappearing habitat. The fate of the polar bears and other endangered species relies on their Endangered Species Act protections being restored. In their last days,… Continue reading

Take the Polar Bear Pledge!

As we enter the holiday season, our thoughts turn to family, friends and loved ones who share our lives. We hope that you will also think of the amazing wildlife, birds, fish and plants that share our planet. Polar bears are an iconic symbol of the holiday season. They are stars of commericals and on the cover of greeting cards. Unfortunately, that is the only place they are thriving. Polar bears are endangered because their sea ice habitat is literally… Continue reading