The Endangered Species Coalition in Vogue!

The amazing artist Tom Sachs is throwing a fabulous party for the Endangered Species Coalition at his New York City studio next week. For the occasion, he has created a limited edition piece of art – a “necklace” of polar bear cub figurines. Tom will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the art to the Endangered Species Coalition.

The Vogue Style section took notice of the sculptures and the event.
“It’s rare for artist Tom Sachs to agree to host an event at his Centre Street studio, even rarer for him to agree to make a limited-edition piece of art to benefit charity. For Sachs, the Endangered Species Coalition represents a worthy cause, not only for its mission, but also for its methodology. ‘I wanted to make a sculpture that would be a gift for the people who support this organization. This is a charity I believe in, especially because of how small and nimble they are—and they give all their profits to awareness.’.”

To see a photo of the sculpture, check our the Vogue article: Need It Now: Cause to Celebrate

Check out Tom Sach’s art and exhibitions at

At the event, Casey and Van Neistat will premiere a video that they created on behalf of the Endangered Species Coalition. The Neistat Brothers have a show coming out on HBO.

Check out their movies at

The Endangered Species Coalition is incredibly grateful to Tom Sachs and Casey and Van Neistat for their support of our work to protect wildlife on the brink of extinction.

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