Time is Running Out for the Polar Bear

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Time is running out for the polar bear. As their sea ice habitat disappears, polar bears are starving and drowning, and mothers and cubs are dying as their snow dens collapse on them due to a warming climate. In addition, pollution from oil and gas drilling threatens to destroy what’s left of the polar bear’s disappearing habitat.

The fate of the polar bears and other endangered species relies on their Endangered Species Act protections being restored. In their last days, the Bush Administration weakened protections for the polar bear and other endangered species. As we’ve written, Congress passed a bill that gives the Obama administration 60 days to overturn the Bush administration’s regulations that weakened the Endangered Species Act and eliminated essential protections for the polar bear.

Secretary Salazar has until May 9, 2009 to overturn the Bush Administration’s regulations that weaken the Endangered Species Act. Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar must take this critically important step to restore scientific integrity at the Department of Interior. The Endangered Species Coalition staff and members will be meeting with the Department of Interior to ask them to restore protections for the polar bear and other endangered species.

The Endangered Species Coalition has created a petition to Secretary Salazar asking him to restore protections for polar bears and other endangered species.

You can help build support for restoring endangered species protections by signing the petition to save the polar bear.

Thank you for help to save polar bears, gray wolves, canada lynx, pacific salmon and thousands of other endangered species.

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20 comments on “Time is Running Out for the Polar Bear

  1. I join the rest of the Global community in urging President Obama to reinstate the Endangered Species Act to what it was prior to the Bush Administration.
    We cannot simply ignore what is happening to the planets wildlife. We need Global Leaders to take a stand and enforce protection.

  2. Please remind me, are we really living in the 21st century, or are we still in the Stone Age? Why am I spending my time asking people to do the right thing and protect the world’s precious wildlife when it should be second nature? For God’s sake sort yourselves out and stop bowing to financial pressure. Some things are more important than money – just ask your grandchildren.

  3. Time is indeed running out! We must address the problem now whilst we still have the power to save this iconic species. The closer we get to zero the greater the task becomes.
    Keeping the planet healthy and viable for different species also means we keep a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations. As for once we lose these great creatures, we will put less value to our own survival too.
    Save the Polar Bear = Saving Earth and Humanity

  4. How can a once great nation seal the fate of the majestic Polar Bear. Please stop this species from becoming extinct and afford it the protection it needs. The world is watching and judging Americas crimes against wildlife.

  5. these are important, crucial, apex predators & their ecosystem & habitat needs them to remain in balance. The are not for egotistical trophy hunting.

  6. Time is running out to save these iconic species, do not allow hunting of polar bears. Let us save what we have.

  7. Humans would caused these wonderful polar bears to die out because of an overpopulated planet of selfish disgusting hard nose civilisation who have no humanity or a shred of conscience!

  8. Please overturn Bush’s irresponsible decision and protect Polar Bears.
    Polar bears are extremely important to the ecosystem and food web.
    The Arctic Fox depends on the polar bear for food – they eat the left over seal carcass
    after the polar bear is done. Polar bears feed on seals, without the
    predator then the seal population might increase also affecting the fish
    that seals feed on – and so on.
    Polar bears are an Umbrella species selected for making conservation related decisions, typically because protecting these species indirectly protects the many other species that make up the ecological community of its habitat. Yet Polar Bears are highly vulnerable due to climate change, habitat loss, lack of food and trophy hunting.
    If you do not overturn Bush’s irresponsible decision, you will be pounding the final nail in the coffin of this unique and important species.
    Please protect Polar Bears!

  9. What the hell is going on..the rich think they can do just about anything..well stop fooling around with our wildlife…or the poor are gonna give you a beaming you will never overcome..time to show respect..asholes!!!

  10. Great job, billionaires of the planet. You had the opportunity to work together and really be the stewards of this planet. You could have guided humanity with compassion, love, and wisdom, but you are avaricious and in competition with yourselves to see who will be king. So, you exploit the people and suck them dry, hoarding all your central bank notes and other assets with no other purpose then to hoard even more money while disregarding charity and goodwill. Where do you think this is all headed, you godless ruling class? Do you think your wealth will sustain you for eternity when it’s solely based on materialism? For how long can you ignore your souls with your superficial distractions? Isn’t it all a chasing under the sun? You are all pathetic and you will never find the missing pieces on your wayward path, for without heart there is no passion and without passion you lack real joy. You are already dead inside and no futuristic transhumanist technology could ever sustain you and keep you alive. You will merely exist, constantly looking to fill the void for that voracious appetite that you just cannot satisfy. Do you even know why? Can you not see that you are nothing, but little black holes on this earth sucking up all the life force around you? That’s why everything is dying around you: all the ecosystems are in decline, we are losing more species of life everyday, and the entire life support system that is our planet hangs in the balance. You did this. You used your intelligence for greed instead of good. You mocked the simple good folk of this earth and exploited their naivety. You sold them wares, goods, and services you knew were harmful overall. You profited off starting wars, you feasted on violence and bloodshed. And now that you sit on your thrones in your ivory towers, you have decided that you yourselves, the directors,are not to blame! No, it’s the fault of the actors, the common people, you say, always projecting your malfeasance onto the innocent. So, now you treat the people with disdain. Maybe you even have plans to eradicate most of us, thinking the final solution will somehow save you from yourselves. But if we die, you die because we are all connected. You cannot save yourselves by destroying us. You would simply be biting off the hand that feeds you. You need us. We don’t need you for we are the Suns of this earth that make it go round. Without us, your title of billionaire is meaningless. The very identity you cling to with your need to be at the top of the ladder, the need to feel grand, depends on the lower rungs, us. So by destroying us you unwittingly destroy all you think you are. You cannot enjoy your sadistic pleasure of being the oppressor without having your billions of people to oppress. You see, the sickness lies within you. Physician, heal thyself. The problem is not me, it’s you.

  11. Humans are the most foolish, stupid, idiotic, violent, crazy, good for nothin’ creatures for wiping and killing countless poor innocent animals.

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