Borneo, Boundaries, and Borders: Merasa Village

This is a guest post by Sher Harvey. In honor of International Endangered Species Day, May 21st, 2021, Sher Harvey will be bringing you a series of posts about her journey to Borneo, spotlighting the ecological challenges and resilience of this region. This post is Part III of a IV-Part series describing the destruction of the jungle in Borneo and the many issues surrounding this worldwide controversy. Our goal is to encourage readers to think about actions to take to become involved. Become an Accidental Advocate today!

Borneo, Boundaries, and borders: Merasa Village

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3 comments on “Borneo, Boundaries, and Borders: Merasa Village

  1. Beautiful photography on an ugly truth. I will look forward to part IV and find I & II.
    Thank you for sharing .

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