You spoke out in support of the Endangered Species Act and we delivered that message. This week, we worked with our member groups Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity to deliver the report “A Wild Success,” to every member of Congress.

The report (available here .pdf) includes more than 200 letters and op-eds written by Americans over the past year to local, regional and national newspapers emphasizing the importance of the Act, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in December.

The report comes shortly after House Republicans led by Representative Doc Hastings proposed drastically changing the Endangered Species Act by delaying protections for currently unprotected species and reducing protections for those already deemed in peril.

A recent poll conducted by ESC member group the Center for Biological Diversity found that two thirds of Americans want Congress to either strengthen the Endangered Species Act or leave it intact as it is currently written.

In the 40 years since its passage into law, the act has helped to save species like the bald eagle, humpback whale, peregrine falcon, and others from extinction. In celebration of the act’s 40th anniversary, the Endangered Species Coalition published the report Back from the Brink: Ten Success Stories Celebrating the Endangered Species Act at 40.


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1 comment on “American Voices on the Endangered Species Act at 40

  1. ms jewel, i woke up this a.m. looking outside, i live next to the everglades…… was too quiet, no sign of life……seems like various types of pythons are accomplishing their destructive work.. killing our wading birds, deer, ducks, little rabbits etc. and here up north in the rockies, idaho, etc. selfish people are allowed by the government are having a great time trying to get rid of our wolves for sick reasons, giving rights to hunters, angry people, people that are so bored with their time,. .people who have mental problems and fixed on killing for their own satisfaction, this is called out and out murder,… and i already know the history of these wolves….they do not need to be killed., or maimed like they have for years…..when the public hear eerie silence in the forests over and over again, .it,s going to be too late. have you ever seen a mother wolf cowering and protecting her pups with such fear, a pregnant female with a swollen .belly running for painful miles, to get away from laughing gleeful hunters, have you seen thousands of them crying in agony trying to get out of traps, they weren,t huning for you and me, it was the giddy murderers going after them….WHAT HAVE THESE WOLVES EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS……….start educating your hunters to go after danger, like the killers in our everglades destroying our wild life….these pythons have come into our neighborhoods, these are the killers that we gladly give to your hunters….STAY AWAYYYYYYYYY FROM THE WOLVES, PLEASE, HELP THEM..

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