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11 comments on “99 Percent Support Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

  1. We need to save these wolves we are loosing too many animals and this puts the earth out of balance …no living creature should go extinct ❤️

  2. Please save them and stop the killing!!! We can not call ourselves humans if we can’t even have compassion and save our kin that live with us in this world.

  3. we need these animal more then we know if they go the world will supper they’re here for a reason and that reason does not just involve animals and involves all of us we all live on this Earth we are all meant to live together in our place we humans have no business trying to change that thank you for listening

  4. Our beloved wolves have been proven by science to be a keystone species, absolutely essential to a healthy ecosystem which supports human life! If we want to continue to live we must have wolves.

    I have known wolves personally and experienced great spiritual growth in their presence. Their true value is far beyond the science.

  5. We must save the wolves! Trump opened up hunting in an animal SANCTUARY in Alaska!! Hunters can slaughter wolves and their cubs and bears and their cubs. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they can “hunt” from HELICOPTERS!!

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