Late in 2022, Endangered Species Coalition brought together our member groups to begin working on the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA passed on December 28, 1973 with bi-partisan support and still is celebrated publicly as positive legislation which has saved hundreds of species from the brink of extinction.  

Since the beginning of 2023, Endangered Species Coalition and our allies have been showcasing ESA@50 in various creative ways in order to increase visibility and knowledge about the ESA and its accomplishments. The ESA@50 team held several activities and events throughout the year, such as; Career Panels, Mural Project, Fly-in, Reception, created a website, produced a video, held an Endangered Species Essay Contest and much more. This year’s Endangered Species Day and our Annual Top Ten report also followed the theme of ESA@50. Throughout all of our planning, the team has engaged with and supported communities and organizations of many diverse backgrounds who are committed to conservation and biodiversity.

Here is a information about some of our events:

Career Panels: a series of three panels were developed for high school, college students and young people of color to hear about different career options in conservation from diverse, young professionals who work in this field.
Mural Project-working in cooperation with local groups on the ground, the project was to install murals around the country depicting local endangered species and their habitats in an effort to educate and engage local citizens.
Fly-in day to meet with decision makers: Advocates came to Washington, DC to meet and educate members of Congress on the significance of the Endangered Species Act, how successful the Act is, and the need to support/protect it. Over 60 individuals flew into DC and met with over thirty-five offices.
ESA@50 Reception: Over 400 hundred people joined us at the Library of Congress to celebrate conservation success stories and recognize individuals, conservation groups, Tribes, and members of Congress for their work recovering endangered species.

Media Blitz- Join us to get the media focused on the importance of the ESA.  Participate in  social media days of action and write a Letter to the Editor or an Opinion Editorial to express your support for the Endangered Species Act. If you would like more information, please contact Tara Thornton at [email protected].

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