Be a protector of wildlife with your support of the Pollinator Protectors campaign

As a protector of wildlife, you can also be a solution for bees, birds, and butterflies that are disappearing due to habitat loss. Pollinators worldwide are disappearing. To save pollinators, we must act to bring back the plants that they rely on. We know that monarch butterflies and other pollinator species are suffering worldwide, because of the loss of milkweed and other plants they need to live.

Your $5 gift puts a plant in the ground to save pollinators and show your support as a Pollinator Protector!

For the eighth consecutive year, the Endangered Species Coalition is organizing plantings at sites around the United States to help bring these plants–and pollinators–back.

Can you support this work? $5 will cover all of the costs to put a plant in the ground. Your donation of $50 will mean that ten plants that are not there today, will be soon.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will work with communities to plant milkweed and other native nectar and host plants that support the conservation of monarch butterflies and other native pollinators, including bees, birds, bats, and others. It is crucial to the health of pollinators that these plants be local, native species. We are coordinating with local nurseries and seed distributors to put native plants in the ground for pollinators

Please support our Pollinator Protectors campaign with a gift of $5 or any amount today.

This year, we have partnerships in states from New Mexico to Pennsylvania and from Washington DC to Washington State. The incredible work we support not only achieves the direct impact of providing needed plants for bats, bees, butterflies, and birds, it is done in collaboration with local communities who care about native plants and pollinators. Being a Pollinator Protector means empowering people to transform local spaces for community well-being and the health of native pollinators.  

Putting your hands into the earth and bringing a plant into the world is among the most rewarding and educational ways for new conservationists to save species. Seeing seeds or plugs become plants that attract pollinators is an immediate reward and encourages future acts of service. Please support our Pollinator Protectors campaign by funding a single plant or an entire garden with a tax-deductible donation today.

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