Urgent action needed for Idaho wolves

The state of Idaho has long been a hostile environment for gray wolves. Since losing Endangered Species Act protections through congressional interference in 2011, wolves in this state have faced increasingly gruesome threats.

Submit your opposition online through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s (IDFG) website. Scroll down and vote no on each proposal.

Just a few weeks ago, the state changed its rules to permit a single individual to kill up to 30 gray wolves annually. Now, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is considering a series of measures that will make their state even more inhospitable to wolves.

IDFG is proposing to:

1: Lengthen the legal wolf hunting season from 7 months to 11-months in much of the state;

2: Permit year-round wolf hunting on public and private land in southwest and south-central Idaho;

3: Allow deadly and inhumane snares in some areas, and;

4: Create 173 days of new wolf trapping opportunities on public land.

The state is accepting public comments through the end of day on February 10th. Please vote “do not support” on all proposals on their form.

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57 comments on “Urgent action needed for Idaho wolves

  1. I do not support in any form or fashion the proposed changes of action against wolves in Idaho. They are integral part of our world and the local ecosystem. This is nothing short of the genocide of a species. It is a careless and irresponsible proposal. I humbly and respectfully ask, that everyone vote no on this. Please save our wolves.
    Thank you

    1. I do not support the senseless slaughter of wolves. I think the these proposals are savage and brutal, and depict the Idaho legislature’s greed as they poney up to the rich and their sadistic need to thrill hunt endagered species into extinction. The cattle herds can be protected without resorting to murdering the last remaining wolves within the state.

  2. Please, please stop taking away the protections for wolves. They are an important part of nature and the ecosystem. Don’t use inhumane snares. Is it okay to slowly torture a domestic dog or cat until it’s shot dead? No How is it any different for an undomesticated animal?

  3. I strongly agree with the comments already submitted; dates/area changes and methods are “careless, irresponsible, inhumane”. I don’t understand why hunters, ranchers and trappers think they have pre-eminent domain to kill animals that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. Give Life a Chance. Co-exist.

  4. I do not support either of these actions. We need to stop making the wolves the villains.

    It has been shown that wolves are very beneficial to other wildlife and the environment in general. By killing the wolves indiscriminately you are helping to kill the planet.

    If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls
    — Jane Goodall

    1. I agree with all of the above comments. Please stop killing the gray wolves and stop torturing them. Your proposals are certainly not in the best interest of Idaho – one of our most beautiful states. We look forward to visiting your state later this year. It would b BBC e shame to know that you had evv NBC acted your destructive proposals!

    2. Thank you, Jane Goodall, for your comment! I agree with you completely and respect your opinion and all that you do, and have done, for Nature, Wildlife and the Earth.


    3. I agree with other comments. Leave the wolves alone!!! They are beautiful animals who care about each other and the females are very protective of the young members of their family. It’s the heartless, cruel hunters and some farmers that are the problem. Nature has had a way of controlling itself for thousands of years. We are the problem not the wolves!!!!!

  5. The proposal to increase the unjustifiable war on Wolves is a crime against life itself.

    This is 2020 and it is common knowledge that apex Predators are the driving force behind the health, resilience and thriving diversity of wildlife habitats.

    Humanity MUST recognize that the true richness of the land is that all the animals that coevolved before people unbalanced the ecology should be protected.

    There is no place for an ongoing genocide of a species that belongs in the ecosystem.

    Please make the ethical decision to strengthen protections for the Grey Wolf and admit that this noble animal has been persecuted by a monstrous extermination campaign that never should have happened.

    Wolves were here long before people invaded so much territory and now is the time to right a great wrong and crime that was committed against them.

  6. These actions are shortsighted without looking at the science and interaction of the echo system which will play important and significant role. Less restrictive methods of controlling LifeLock and wolf interaction are available and need to be explored. In addition, nature without its abundance is a poorer place

  7. The wolves need to be protected!
    They are part of Idaho and what makes Idaho a beautiful state.
    We need to be their voice!
    It’s unnecessary murder to kill these beautiful creatures who have more of a right to be here than some people.

    If you live in Idaho and have a problem with the wolves than get the hell out!
    There is a solution to every problem this world has.

  8. Our Great Creator gave life and freedom to all living beings . Only man has found a distorted logic of killing Wolves any where and everywhere they may be .. They are steadily removing all Human Beings from the Circle Of Life ..

  9. Wolves are majestic precious iconic and absolutely essential to our ecosystem. Wolves also bring in millions of dollars in tourism for state. We must protect them at all costs — we need to BAN hunting and trapping wolves! Greedy ranchers and vile hunters are the ones who should thrown in jail!

  10. Have we learned nothing? Interfering with the balance of nature never ends well. If you really believe that the wholesale extermination of wolves is a smart move with no deleterious effects, then you need to properly acquaint yourself with the established science regarding predators and overall environmental health. I also strongly object to the appalling cruelty in allowing the use of snares. Please protect the wolves. Please vote no on these actions.

  11. This planned act is nothing short of moving toward the extinction of the gray wolf
    That are a vital part of the ecosystem.
    I agree with many of the other comments that have been made

  12. I do not support any proposed changes in any form NO MORE TRAPPING, NO MORE SNARING, NO MORE HUNTING Idaho Wolves,
    Ranchers need to be responsible for their own
    livestock and Coexist and hunters do NOT Need to kill any more wolves, wolves are Not Villains as ranchers, hunters speak them out to be they are just A wild animal. Apex predators are programmed by Nature to beneficially keep wild lands and other Wildlife healthy stop your war on wolves” extermination is Not the Answer they belong in the ecosystem

  13. I’d as how’s attitude and action permitting wolf hunts is way out of date ,ill thought out, ill advised, short sighted, and not based on known recognized and long accept scientific or any other fair objective data. Idaho is throwing away one of its greatest natural resources by allowing these wolf hunts DO NOT PERMIT ANY WOLF KILLING

  14. When will we learn to respect the planet and its beings? Is too much to ask that those in power be “human” and act “humanly”? We know “money talks and “bulls***” walks, but seriously we need to exterminate these majestic beings who keep the ecosystem in balance?

    Just because you can kill, doesn´t mean you should. Please make the ethical and humane decision to strengthen protections for the Grey Wolf.

  15. I can’t support this. There are so many reasons that this expansion is unnecessary coddling for hunters and ranchers, but the immediate reasons why this is unconscionable are:
    * wolf populations can’t support this level of hunting. They don’t reproduce fast enough, and roughly a third of all pups die before they’re a year old.
    * this measure won’t improve the health of wolf packs or their ecosystem. Wolves face enough threats from other animals, other wolves, and their harsh environment that their numbers are naturally kept in check.
    *allowing trapping is cruel and unsportsmanlike. Setting up a trap that’s going to torture an animal just so a hunter can boost their success is unfair to the animal, and frankly indicative of a lazy hunter.
    * this proposal is blatantly and transparently political. The state of Idaho and the federal government already offer ludicrous concessions to ranchers, who are eager for this to pass so they can exterminate wolves so they don’t have to take care of the ecosystem they manipulate. Respectful hunters would understand that the balance provided by wolves, which has been scientific fact for decades, isn’t worth interfering with for a few pelts.
    Ultimately this legislation is based solely on a fear and hatred of wolves. It’s obvious that it doesn’t take environmental impact into account and ignores independent science. If you do this, you’re one step closer to extending wolves like you did a century ago. The desires of hunters and ranchers are not reflective of, and should not take precedent over, logic and the will of the people of Idaho and the country.

  16. we are coming together and we will not stand for this senseless slaughter of these beautiful majestic intelligent creatures they are sentient beings that were created by God as we were enough is enough. We are watching and we will not allow for this to take place there are other solutions people just need to think this through and come up with better solutions we are all better than this!

  17. I strongly agree with the comments already submitted; dates/area changes and methods are “careless, irresponsible, inhumane”. I don’t understand why hunters, ranchers and trappers think they have pre-eminent domain to kill animals that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. Give Life a Chance. Co-exist.

    Jonas Djerf

  18. I do not support the hunting of wolves. There is no reason to kill wolves and plenty of ways to deter them safely from ranches and farms. We need to protect our wildlife, not destroy it.

  19. I do not support the increase in the killing of wolves. Trapping is especially cruel, and unintended can become victims to these awul barbaric mechanisms too! These and m44’s should be outlawed! Wolves are an invaluable part of the eco balance, and have just barely started their comeback.

  20. This Idaho site is rigged. First, it would not let me select no. It went to approve or neutral. Then it would not let me submit. Check it out. This must be redone. No way can the results be accurate.

  21. Humans are disgustngly selfish. When are we going to start caring for something other than ourselves? Please stop decimating this species.

  22. If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls.” Jane Gooddall

    We need to fix ourselves, not the creatures who stand in our way.

  23. This is genocide! Please stop this madness. Wolves are an integral part of our ecosystem. Please show an ounce of compassion and vote against trapping and lengthening the hunting season.

  24. Why? It’s ridiculous. Do you do this to satisfy the blood lust of the NRA?

    It’s utterly ridiculous to decimate the proper balance of things.

  25. Please stop this tragedy from happening. Wolves are every bit as precious to Earth as humans. Protect mothers and pups, how sickening and cruel,leave the wilderness alone leave our wildlife in peace, they have as much right to live as you do!

  26. This war on wolves and other apex predators needs to stop. There is no good reason to continue with this slaughter of these wonderful creatures. They help to balance the environment and keep in check the prey animals and help to stop the spread of disease.

  27. Time to grow up and act like big boys, Idaho. You shame our Nation with your “kill all” mentality. Pump up your egos at the gym, not by killing wolves. Make an adult decision to strengthen protections for the Gray Wolf, stop persecuting them.

  28. I do not support either one of these actions.
    It is not ethical to kill what one does not agree with.
    Wolves are a keystone species and vital to YOUR ecosystem.

    Are we going back to the 19th century when there was a bounty on
    wolves and they were almost exterminated?

    The more species we destroy, the more our Earth ecosystems
    become out of balance. WE will pay the ultimate price for this..

  29. Idaho needs join the 21st Century in which apex predators are critical components to any quest to establish and or reestablish biodiversity and the Idaho approach is one of ignorance and outright barbarity. Wolves for example can deal with diminishing the impact of chronic wasting disease in ways the ignorant human and so called wildlife manager are realistically helpless.

  30. I do not support this senseless slaughter of an apex predator whose presence on wild lands ensures a healthy ecosystem, including robust deer and elk populations. Please do not allow this to happen!

  31. Mother Nature does just fine without human imbalance. Please, for the love of God, stop wrongful interference.

  32. I OPPOSE the proposed changes of action against wolves in Idaho. They are integral part of our world and the local ecosystem. This is nothing short of the genocide of a species. Please save our wolves.
    Thank you

  33. Wolves are desperately needed for our ecosystem, balancing it out and playing an important role in the animal life chain. The Idaho state makes a terrible error changing its rules to permit a single individual to kill up to 30 gray wolves annually. Not only it puts this species in danger but it is unacceptable to encourage and promote the killing of animals (and appetite for blood and hunting). “The greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” (Gandhi). Banning the wolves protection would be speaking about Idaho state consideration of life beings whatever its kind.

  34. This action of killing wolves is based on greed not science and will wreck the ecosystem in Idaho and the hunting practices are beyond cruel.

    William J Mullen

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