Feb 7

Urgent action needed for Idaho wolves

The state of Idaho has long been a hostile environment for gray wolves. Since losing Endangered Species Act protections through congressional interference in 2011, wolves in this state have faced increasingly gruesome threats.

Submit your opposition online through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s (IDFG) website. Scroll down and vote no on each proposal.

Just a few weeks ago, the state changed its rules to permit a single individual to kill up to 30 gray wolves annually. Now, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is considering a series of measures that will make their state even more inhospitable to wolves.

IDFG is proposing to:

1: Lengthen the legal wolf hunting season from 7 months to 11-months in much of the state;

2: Permit year-round wolf hunting on public and private land in southwest and south-central Idaho;

3: Allow deadly and inhumane snares in some areas, and;

4: Create 173 days of new wolf trapping opportunities on public land.

The state is accepting public comments through the end of day on February 10th. Please vote “do not support” on all proposals on their form.

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