Today, Oregon Wild, the Center for Biological Diversity, Endangered Species Coalition, and Predator Defense began running a television ad urging Governor Kate Brown to halt the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission’s June 7th vote on a plan to allow trophy hunting and trapping of wolves in Oregon. ODFW’s proposed revisions to the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan also weaken requirements for non-lethal conflict efforts to reduce conflict between wolves and livestock and lowers the threshold for when wolves can be killed.

“Over the last few years, Oregonians have endured an unending parade of politicians and corporate polluters dismantling our state’s green reputation,” said Oregon Wild Executive Director Sean Stevens. “Allowing Oregon’s tiny wolf population to be hunted and trapped would be another betrayal and an irreversible stain on Governor Kate Brown’s environmental legacy.”


Originally posted at Oregon Wild

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1 comment on “TV Ad Urges Governor Kate Brown to Stop Oregon Wolf Hunting Plan

  1. Dear Governor Brown,
    I have devoted my life (often at no cost) to saving & protecting LIVES, including wildlife! As a society, will our leadership (YOU!) take steps to STOP ALL the KILLING! ALL life is part of delicate ecosystems! So CHOOSE LIFE! REJECT BLOODTHIRSTY BARBARISM! Please DON’T allow so-called trophy hunting, or wildlife trapping, in what’s always before been called, “The Great State of Oregon!

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