Update: Secretary of Interior Haaland opts out of receiving historic wolf treaty from a Tribal delegation for the second time in a month

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8 comments on “Update: Secretary of Interior Haaland opts out of receiving historic wolf treaty from a Tribal delegation for the second time in a month

  1. disgraceful. Pres Biden’s worst appointment. They both should be ashamed and he, democrats, have lost our votes. If he cannot understand the necessary balance of nature, the benefits provided by wolves, he is shwoing his disdain for wild life, brutal arrogance and total ignorance of nature. We are totally disgusted.

  2. The Obama administration vilely traded the life of Wolf for one Montana Senator in 2012. It strongly appears that Haaland is planning on doing the same. There is NO tradition in North America of killing the gray wolf, only crazed Euroamericans with guns and without ethics.
    WHEN will ANY administration tasked with ecological and wildlife preservation in our continually diminishing public landscapes, act FOR wildlife and environment , instead of against life itself?

  3. Too interested in her new husbands casinos and horse racing tracks. Cashing in on her native american partial heritage. Doesnt want to offend right wing ranchers. Should be fired.

  4. I was so happy that President Biden choose you to be Secretary of Interior. Boy you have really disappointed a lot of people!! I can’t believe you allow the wild horses to be abused by BLM. WHY CAN’T YOU CHANGE WHAT IS HAPPENING! Now we are waiting for you to put the wolves back on the endanger list. I spent my tax money for these wolves, not to watch them being strangled to death or having the pups heads smashed in! STOP THIS NOW! Thank you for your time!

  5. haaland, you have turned your back on wolves, bears, wild horses, pretty much any animals that states like idaho, montana, wyoming, wisconsin, etc have now passed laws to slaughter, using the cruelest methods available. It is hard to believe you are truly Native American based on your lack of compassion for these noble animals. I didn’t think anyone could be worse for wildlife than trump’s folks, but you are just as depraved as any of them. Shame on you!

  6. Deb Haaland you have turned your back on ALL attempts for you to speak up & acknowledge this Climate Crisis ! STOP the destruction of OUR Public Lands that is killing Taxpaying Citizens, Native Wildlife & the Ecosystem as a whole. When will you Stand Up for what is right for ALL living creatures big & small that your Agency is Killing at alarming rates for Greed. Remove the cattle, STOP fracking, mining, Oil extraction & Use real Science to combat the Climate Crisis!

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