Representative DeFazio speaks out for wolves

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Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR), a strong Congressional advocate for wolves, spoke out for wolves in an Op Ed published in the Eugene Weekly.

428px-Peter_DeFazio,_official_Congressional_photo_portrait_2008In the piece, A Fight for Survival, Mr. DeFazio pushes back against the proposed delisting of gray wolves noting that,  “USFWS did not use the “best available science” and that they actively ignored data that conflicted with their own conclusions.”

The highly controversial plan was released byt the USFWS over a year ago and has generated nearly 1.5 million comments in opposition. As noted in the piece by Mr. DeFazio, the independent peer review panel tasked with its review found that science doesn’t support the plan.

For the USFWS, the survival of gray wolves isn’t about science, or their stated goal of species recovery. To them, this is about politics. They’ve been driven by the influence of Tea Party-led red states and powerful wolf-phobic special interests that want to drive wolves into extinction. – Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR)

Please read the entire piece and take action by signing his petition at:

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