Make your New Year’s Resolution to Save Endangered Species

New Year’s Eve is often a time we reflect and set our intentions and make resolutions for the upcoming year. At the Endangered Species Coalition, we are embracing this tradition for 2023. 

Making a donation before the end of 2022 will help us uphold our 2023 resolutions, and by donating before midnight on 12/31, your donation will be doubled!

  1. Strengthen our 400+ member organizations to advance the conservation of endangered plants and wildlife
  2. Push to enact a national wolf recovery plan for Gray wolves.
  3. Get support from Oregon and Washington Delegations to support the removal of the lower Snake River dams
  4. Ensure the long-term protection of native pollinators
  5. As Co-chair of the wildlife subcommittee for the America the Beautiful Initiative, provide policy guidance to the Biden Administration regarding wildlife connectivity
  6. Advance biodiversity for all, ensuring that the benefits of biodiversity are equitably distributed
  7. Expand training opportunities for people who want to learn how to make an impact through grassroots organizing and advocacy
  8. Create a social movement of compassion for all living creatures by weaving art and culture throughout all of our campaigns
  9. Celebrate the Endangered Species Act’s 50 year anniversary to highlight all of the Act’s successes
  10. Express gratitude to our partners, donors and activists who work to protect endangered species every day

Please help us uphold our important 2023 resolutions and double your donation by making a contribution before midnight on 12/31.

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