Last week we posted a video reply from the young person  Secretary Jewell referenced in a public appearance in Washington, DC. She asked Secretary Jewell to follow the science and to keep wolves protected. The group Kids 4 Wolves followed that with their own amazing video. Watch:

You can speak out for wolves and ask Secretary Jewell to follow the science .


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57 comments on “Kids to Secretary Jewell: Follow the Science

    1. Please, Wolves belong on earth. People are trying to kill all the animals on earth.
      How would the like if someone killed their girl or son.

    2. Idaho’s official policy is that “wolf recovery efforts be discontinued immediately, and wolves be removed by whatever means necessary.” The state has already killed more than 300 wolves and now plans to ramp up the massacre, slaughtering another 500.

      Idaho’s legislature created a new “Wolf Control Board” just days ago — made up of hunters and ranchers and funded with $400,000 of taxpayer money — to shoot, trap and gas the state’s last remaining wolves.

      The Center for Biological Diversity has stopped wolf killing numerous times before. We did it in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota and Montana. And with your help, we’ll stop Idaho’s new planned slaughter too. Please donate today to our Predator Defense Fund so we can take action as fast as possible.

      Though Idaho’s wolf population has plummeted by 42 percent since federal protection was stripped away, the state — left in charge of wolf “management” — wants to kill another 500 of these ecologically precious predators. That will drive their population down to an unsustainable level of just 150.

      1. lets trap,gas, massacre & slaughter ranchers,state senators,hunters animals and see how they like it. wolves were here long before any of us were. why not kill everything, dogs cats horses cows pigs let the land be baren then and only then will people realize what they have done and maybe just maybe something will be done about it. ha

    3. How good to see young people interacting with wolves and speaking up for them. They are beautiful creatures that we need in this world of ours.

  1. It is nice to see young people with empathy and understanding the role wolves and wildlife play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity. However let me point out that it is Americans who are to blame for the disastrous policies we have in our country were both corporate parties Republicans and Democrats cater to killers. Americans who gave their vote away to Obama voted to allow these atrocities. It is time to revolt against the 2 corporate party
    monopoly and choose an alternative, VOTE GREEN NEXT ELECTION! The GREEN party has a friendly animal agenda.

  2. Every life has a purpose. All animals are individuals and they have feelings and thoughts and they suffer the pain and the joy that we do. They are entitled and they deserve an opportunity to live.

    “If all the beasts were gone, man would die from loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beast, happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of earth.” Chief Seattle

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Diane, how beautiful your words are and they are my sentiments too. Also mankind would not survive if these all our wildlife was wiped out. Even crocodiles eat things that stop us getting bad diseases. On a personal basis, I would be so lonely without animals in my life. They have such love and joy to give

  3. Let’s hope these students’ study science and in the future run for office to make policy changes which are desperately needed. Look back into your history, 1905, Kaibab Plateau, where top dogs like wolves, bobcats, mountain lions were hunted for a bounty. Wolves are indicator species which dictate the health of our ecosystems. Protect them.

  4. I applaud these kids for caring enough to take the time and the effort to put this video together and stand for another life other than their own. They deserve to be heard and their requests granted!!! Hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE want the wolves BACK on the Endangered Species List- Time to LISTEN to the PEOPLE and the SCIENCE!!!! NOT money, power and politics!

  5. Scetary Jewell
    It’s time for you to listen to the people and not privet entities
    With Ulterior motives.
    Don’t show that you ignorant and educated, by ignoring us all.. and actually do the right thing, look at the available science from credible scientists.
    Do not remove the wolf from the endangered list. It’s enough killing its enough distraction that humans create it’s enough, it’s time for you to respect nature and allow us to be able to live with them to. A few farmers are pressuring you but it’s time for you to ignore them because they are the ones living in the wolves habitat.

    People don’t have to kill everything they see,it’s time to respect the wolf that was here long before you were here and your Grandad was.
    Save the genetic diversity of the wolf protect the wolf .and let it be
    Do not remove the protection of my and my future kids wolves.

    If you are so religious, Best you learn that , in the Bible, it is said; protect what God gave you, don’t just read it and move on, and selectively remember what you read, it said that,
    It’s time to do the right thing do not move the wolf from the endangered list.

    We don’t want you to do that.

  6. I am so inspired by these young people speaking out for wolves. I hope Sally Jewell has the guts to say “NO!” to the narrow, cruel, and selfish interests of the livestock ranchers and hunters who are utterly dominating her decision-making about wolves. I am outraged over this, but I am truly hoping this last time she will redeem herself by saying “NO!” to them.

  7. Wolves are recovering but they have not yet recovered. They continue to need our protection. They are a cornerstone of natures rehabilitation. Stop the killing.

  8. These young people put many of their blinkered and prejudiced elders to shame. There is hope for wolves and other wild creatures if they continue to speak as eloquently and persuasively. I hope Secretary Jewell is enlightened enough to heed their message.

  9. I would ask that you consider the science and evidence that shows wolves are by far more a benefit than fear and the lobbyists who would have you slaughter wolves. we need them more than they need us

  10. You kids do civilization proud, You deserve to be future world leaders for the sake of science, the environment, our ecosystem,,and ALL living, feeling creatures , including humans who BTW are NOT on an endangered species list. . A heartfelt Thank You ( and pat on the back to your folks)

  11. Excellent video made by intellegent young people with more common sense than most adults that are “running things”. We have to give the wolf populations a chance to survive for these young people. Show them we care!!

  12. Once destroyed, nature’s beauty can never be replaced and mankind “still” does not see this and continues to ruin our Mother Earth.

  13. These young people make me proud. I want to join them and speak out against the delisting of grey wolves in every state. They have been subjected to unspeakable slaughter by helicopter, poisoning, and sharpshooters hired to exterminate whole packs. Wolves are needed to maintain the health of the ecosystems in which they live. Secretary Jewell, please base your decision on the best available science, not pressure from ranchers and hunters. Thank you.

  14. I hope if Secretary Jewell will not listen to those of us who have been working for wolves for years, that she will listen to these kids.

    Kids….Great job! You all did great. I am very grateful to know that there are younger people coming up who will take on the cause.

  15. It’s enough killing its enough distraction that humans create. It’s time to respect the nature and each creature sharing this planet with us. It not yours to decide who’s to stay in life and who’s not. This beautiful animals belong in their habitat and play a important role in in maintaining the ecosystem and biodiversity.

  16. Please consider the science not the hype. Do not support the race from intellectualism, science, rational thinking. It’s a trend which has been increasing in the past decade, with deleterious outcomes for our earth.

    Stand up for the wolves and with the wolves.

    Thank you.

  17. i have been nibbled and kissed by wolves; nothing in the world is so thrilling to have a wild
    animal choose to communicate with me in such a way; a way they know they can reach my

    ranchers and other who want the specie gone need to find a better life, a life that includes
    nonkilling of a specie they dont like. This earth was made for all creatures to share, not
    for humans to dominate and destroy!!!

  18. In this country it is well known that when you get so far behind in a race, you need to be able to run twice as fast in order to catch up. The native, once abundant, grey wolf has disappeared in many states and is reduced to life on the fringe. A life where its greatest threat is man, through diminished environs and its inability to compete against the warfare confronting it. The stupidity of a people unwilling to understand the balance of nature but willing to create chaos. The grey wolf is a noble, vital link. Let us err on the side of protection rather than too little, too late.

  19. Wolves, Wolves and more of the same, all are Needed, they are the Apex creature in our Wilderness. Yet so called ignorant & Power crazy, Greedy people Demand that they be slaughtered. What happens when they have killed all the wolves, what animal will be next??
    Humans, I do mean Caring, Considerate, Non Greedy Humans need to do everything possible to Protect our Wolves. Forget the Selfish and many times lying Ranchers, their only concern is to how much money they can get into the pocket, at whatever costs to OUR Wildlife. Protect NOT Destroy

  20. Stop Ignorance! Stop Wolf Hunting! Stop Wolf Killing!
    Hunt associations have gone too far, as it’s showed their blod thirsty to kill and hunt overpopulation of species like deer, elk, caribu that were part of the forest equilibrium.
    The wilderness living shows its beauty, when the wolf as a top predator controls naturally from the sick, as yielding up health to the woods. There’s not blind people, when the wise accept to live and respect the nature boundaries. Stop Extinction!

  21. Your actually hearing from another generation, are you going to listen?? I’ve heard many countries are getting rid of wolves & many have stopped because this is causing a problem of extinction, follow in their footsteps & stop killing the wolves!!

  22. I’m Italian, I live in the northern part of Italy where wolves are protected, after almost one century of slaughters. I’m worried about the decision of your Secretary Jewell: if wolves continue to be killed and considered dangerous, the whole world will lose a great part of its future.
    Protect your wolves, follow the science!
    Thank you
    Brunella Pernigotti

  23. I truly hope those bureaucratic Washington elite, take a moment to listen to the message here and reflect upon it. But the truth is, if they are comfortable lying their asses off to their own children about all the “good” they do for the country, than I seriously doubt this message will matter. Sadly but true!!!

  24. stop killing all critters unnaturally…

    it is inhumane & humans do not even act as loving as critters…xOo

    peacePurrrfectPeace for everyCritter xOo

  25. stop killing critters unnaturally & inhumanely…

    animals act much more loving than most humanBeings…xOo

    peacePurrrfectPeace for everyCritter xOo

  26. This appeal for wolves brought tears to my eyes. I can do no better than to add my plea to that of these inspired and committed young people; PLEASE do not delist the wolves! Do not listen to the cruel and corrupt cattle industry! I would rather do without beef than do without wolves! If the ranchers would switch to raising bison, wolves would cease to be a problem, as wolves and bison are part of the natural ecosystem. Follow the science, Secretary Jewell! Leave the wolves on the Endangered Species List, where they can recover from the carnage “mankind” inflicted upon them! The wolves were here first! They belong to this land more than we do!

  27. You guys kick butt!
    Thanks for working so hard to repair the damage caused by the generations that came before you.
    You guys inspire me to keep fighting for what is right.

  28. i am happy to see next generation understands the need of the hour. present generation and leaders all over the world are bend to destroy all animals on this earth and don,t want to leave any thing for future generations. and future generations are never going to forgive us for what we are doing.

  29. Secretary Jewell, these kids understand completely what a healthy ecosystem, meaning a healthy planet where everyone – tree, animal, and man (for as much as he still deserves it) can safely live.
    Wolves have a crucial part in ecology and – for crying out loud – not trigger happy fools and idiots with big guns, too much money and too much very rich friends with too big mouths and no brains at all who want every Elk for themselves and even get Fish and Wildlife to support their bla-bla-bla. How do they do that? Bribe, threats (I know where your family lives) or Brain-washing?

  30. Do the right thing, save the wolves and leave nature alone. It does much better without our intervention.

  31. It is the same story in this country… MONEY trumps beauty,nature,love, well-fare, health, animals, people and common sense. The farmers lose money, so the answer is KILL. The world is ONE being; Nature is our home, our mother and our life. These wolves are integral to ourselves. We kill them, we kill ourselves; man is designed to nurture, protect and defend NATURE, not destroy it. This is our true role here. But that has not happened since the Indian was herded into camps in the 1800’s. Haven’t we learned anything YET?

  32. Wolves need killing their preys to survive, for food…..does man go hunting for food?…I dont think so….at least not the hunters of the western “civilezed” world!….I would ban hunting for sport since it is completely non-ethical and un-natural!!!…When we know that all other animals have feelings like us….joy, pain, terror….the thought some men enjoy killing beautiful creatures like wolves or deer, just drives me mad!!! Save wolves and all wildlife!!!…A big hug from Italy to all the Americans who love grey wolves and natural life!

  33. Brilliant video! I love those kids who stand up for believing in wolves and their benefit to a healthy eco system!!!
    Yes, wolves are very important to keep a balance in nature. I am from western Europe, where wolves were hunted to extinction a long time ago. What is the result? An overpopulation of deer and wild boar that severely endanger the health of the forests and raid farmland. I sincerely wish that we had wolves back in our forests. They ARE coming back from Eastern Europe, but the process is very slow and stupid hunters shoot down the few wolves that eventually make it. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that the US Government would make the mistake of removing Grey Wolves from the endangered species list.

  34. These intelligent and caring young people show wisdom far beyond their years. Secretary Jewell, please pay attention to the science and to what these young people are saying. Wolves truly are social, beautiful and necessary creatures, vital to the ecological balance. We need them and they need the protection of being on the endangered species list.


  35. Why do the humans think that have the right to decide over all species on the world? some people say that wolves and some other animal are dangerous, and I´m not agree because, the only dangerous animal in all the world is the human

    1. I agree with you totally. The human being is truly the only dangerous species in and of his own greedy and heartless agenda.

  36. Secretary Jewel,
    When your time here on Earth is coming to a close, will your conscience tell you that you did the right thing? Protect these creatures.

  37. Hi American Government,

    I’m from Germany and a few years ago the wolves come back into our land, and the most of us wants that the wolves are staying here forever, because no one is killing from a wolf or biting. This creatures wants to live among us in peace and not in fear and danger from the hunters out there, who are thinking that the wolves are killing our deers. What a misunderstanding is that? The deers are never our animals for hunting and shooting, and the other animals like the foxes are killing just for fun. Please, let the wolves howling and let them live in THEIR HABITAT, not ours. We humans have stolen so many habitats from our fellow creatures around the world.
    It’s the right time and the right place to hear of the younger people, the next generation who wants to live together with other creatures like the wolves in peace and freedom, not scaring from each other. SO STOP THE KILLING OF WOLVES AND DON’T BREAK THE HEART OF MANY CHILDRENS WHO BELIEVES IN YOU!!

  38. The demise of the wolf in America is well planned by those who for their own -agenda want them wiped off the face of the earth -led by secretary Jewill -the first law of ecology is that -every thing is -related on everything else -even -man; -‘What is -man without the beasts?if all the beasts are gone -man would die from a great lonelinessof spirit-for- what ever happend to the beasts -soon happens to man -all things are -connected”-Chief Seattle -Native American.

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