Join us for a Rally for Wolves in DC: “A CRY FOR THE WILD” Wednesday, June 26th

When: Wednesday, June 26th

Time: 8am EST – 10am EST

Where: Area 11, Capitol Hill (located between Independence Ave S.E. & First Street S.E., the park section directly across from the Cannon House Building).


What: A rally to inspire awareness and change for the senseless torture and killing of wolves and wildlife. Attendees will be treated to a meet and greet with leaders of wildlife organizations, surprise guests, along with Jonas Black of Hogs for Hope.

Additional Information to Know:  Please gather promptly at 8am EST in Area 11. The rally will begin at 8:30am – with speeches commencing at 9am.

What to Bring: Design your own posters and signs to hold up during the rally – we encourage you to include “A CRY FOR THE WILD” and “SHOW YOUR TEETH!” You can also purchase merchandise from the website as well.

Virtual Rally: We will be live-streaming “A Cry for the Wild” for all of those who cannot attend in person. Please watch for the official YouTube live stream. All organizations in attendance are welcome to livestream to their audiences. Let’s spread the word for wolves, together. #cryforthewild

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