We are beyond excited to start the Endangered Species Coalition’s third annual Activist Training Lab!

Democracy depends on everyday people like you who make their voices heard with decision-makers. Activists are the backbone of the environmental movement. But few programs like the Activist Training Lab exist that are accessible to a diverse group of people to learn the skills of activism.

The Activist Training Lab trains and empowers a diverse new generation of changemakers who strengthen our democracy and advance critical environmental and justice issues.

Each year, twelve to sixteen people participate in this transformative year-long program, which provides them with a powerful combination of grassroots organizing skills and opportunities for hands-on experience. They also receive individual mentorship and coaching from our stellar National Grassroots Organizer. Each graduate leaves with the tools to create real impact in their community! 

Training grassroots organizers gives them the skills and knowledge to help wildlife and communities. The laws that protect endangered species, clean air and water, and people would not have been passed without grassroots organizing. The Activist Training Lab trains organizers to lead campaigns to help wildlife, people, and the planet. 

Please make a gift today to support this class of future organizers in the Endangered Species Coalition Activist Training Lab.

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