Help save bears, wolves, whales, monarchs, and other imperiled species

When the Endangered Species Coalition and the author and artist David Robinson started Endangered Species Day in 2006, few dreamed it would achieve the prominence that it has today. Events have been held in countries around the globe, the White House has marked the day, and most-importantly–countless advocates have discovered or re-ignited their passion for saving species.

Help fuel grassroots campaigns to save endangered species with your gift today, and it will be matched up to our goal of $7,000!

Over the 19 years of Endangered Species Day, we have organized art contests and community science events, worked tirelessly to achieve a unanimous U.S. Senate resolution, and hosted—or helped to highlight—thousands of events.

Endangered Species Day has always been the one day a year on which we look back on our conservation successes and harness that energy and spirit to redouble our efforts moving forward. We often email you asking you to respond to threats and opportunities to protect imperiled wildlife. Endangered Species Day is the day to count those victories!

Join us in celebrating wins for wildlife and wild places and keep the Endangered Species Coalition and our allies fighting to achieve more progress with your gift today. If you give this week–Endangered Species Week–it will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

This year, two stories we are especially excited about are the reintroduction of gray wolves and wolverines in Colorado and the soon-to-happen restoration of grizzly bears in the North Cascades. The Endangered Species Coalition helped to see both become a reality by organizing support for the vote to bring wolves back to Colorado and working for more than a decade to ensure that bears in the Northern Rockies and beyond have the Endangered Species Act protections that keep them safe.

Restoring species like these both serves to right a past wrong and to enhance the health and biodiversity of these places. These are real wins, and it is vital that we celebrate success. Small—and not-so-small—successes are how we turn the tide and fight to make real, lasting change in response to the biodiversity crisis. Our wildlife is counting on us to recharge and make progress together. North Atlantic right whales, Rice’s whales, gray wolves, and grizzly bears are just four of the species who need you and me to be fully engaged in the months and years ahead. Please make an Endangered Species Day gift today to keep the Endangered Species Coalition working to make meaningful change for imperiled wildlife.

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Susan Holmes
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition
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