Endangered Species Act Defenders Flood the Hill

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Last week, the Endangered Species Coalition and other conservation organizations brought a team of experts to Washington, D.C. to impress upon Members of Congress the importance of protecting the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
ESC Executive Director Leda Huta talks with Major General Michael Lehnert
In a series of meetings on Capitol Hill, representatives of the scientific, ranching, military and fishing communities educated legislators of the unique value of the Act. 
Meetings with Members of both Houses of Congress and both parties were held to defend the Endangered Species Act at a time of unprecedented threat.
Tara Thornton, ESC’s Program Director traveled from Maine to meet with decision makers and help organize the group. 

“They told their stories and gave first hand accounts of why the ESA is critical for their livelihoods, land and water, communities, families, health and the nation.  When Brett Baker, a five generation farmer explained why regulating pesticides wouldn’t hurt his farm or his business and Major General Michael Lehnert told Members of Congress that a country worth defending was a country worth preserving, decision makers took notice.  And this is just a sampling of Americans that support the Endangered Species Act!“, Tara Thornton, ESC Program Director.

These meetings were crucial in our fight to save the Endangered Species Act and the species it safeguards.  The political environment in Washington is increasingly hostile to conservation and sound stewardship. Hearing from respected members of these important communities is one of the ways elected officials make decisions about the future of the Act and our nation’s disappearing wildlife.
You can help too. If you have not already, please join the ESC Activist Network. We’ll keep you updated on ways you can speak out for wildlife and wild places in your community.

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