Do you stand with wolves or with Secretary Jewell?

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5 comments on “Do you stand with wolves or with Secretary Jewell?

  1. For the past year, I am infuriated that my favorite animal, the wolf, is still suffering a prejudice that belonged to the medieval past and should’ve stayed there. It’s the hunter who keeps the environment healthy, not the hunted. More wolves mean better, healthier herds–it should’ve been that simple. But it’s still dismissed as the Devil who relishes sheep. Even more infuriating is that America is now IGNORING the majority! In Wisconsin, the vote to propose traps had been overruled 8 to 1, yet they passed the bill anyway. In Michigan, a referendum against wolf hunting with the maximum requirement of 230,000 signers received over 250,000 signs, yet it was allowed anyway. A recent survey said that 7 Americans out of 10 want the wolves to STAY!
    What’s going on here? Why is the government listening to the minority now? That is NOT how America is supposed to work. If one side of the vote outweighs the other side, then it’d be logical for the former side to win the deal. But that’s no longer the deal. Listening to the minority means that America is no longer democratic.
    May I suggest that you read the Wolf Bill that had been passed in Oregon last month. It’s a compromise benefiting both ranchers and wolf advocates, limiting lethal force ONLY to when all nonlethal efforts don’t work. It was a popular move, and I urge you to validate that bill to the other states. Once you leave the wolf alone, return it to federal protection, then any future revolts from the majority will be avoided. I write this merely as a concerned citizen of the United States of America. Thank you for your time.

    1. im with the wolves we had more than enough signatures including mine but you still took it away anyways well im going to have to take it to court or some thing cuz ill do wat I have to with others you have no right to take some thing away that we fight every day to keep them going I don’t kno wat the jerk is behind this but grow up

  2. Sec Jewell has proved herself an inhumane biophobe – as is the president. I’ll bet they have not discussed this dire decision with their families! The cruel suffering, the possible elimination of wolves – we don’t know where climate change will take us so it is foolish to reduce species to perhaps unsustainable numbers – and her use of the word “commercial” gives her motives away. Oh, how very sad……a true tragedy and all the democrats should be ashamed to allow this slaughter.

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