While all the works are amazing, we can only recognize a few…

The Grand Prize Award goes to Nithya for her Tiger.

“I am an artist of Indian origin. The Bengal tiger is an iconic symbol of India and I have seen the decline of this species to around 2500 tigers. I felt that art has the power to inspire change and advocate for these magnificent species.”

People’s Choice Award goes to Phoebe for her Red Panda.

“I mostly did this for fun and to help spread awareness about the endangered species of animals. The red panda really speaks to me, and I love its beautiful design, so that’s why I drew it! I would appreciate your vote for Nuggie the Red Panda! (He’s a little chubby cause he likes chicken nuggets).”

Five additional works were chosen randomly by drawing and are pictured below. Thank you to Marcus, Kalenna, Emily, Ryan, and Jordan. Thank you to them–and to everyone who participated either as an artist, educator, or by helping to facilitate the event!


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