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WildEarth Guardians, our allies, and supporters are fighting relentlessly on the frontlines to defend wolves and their rightful place in the wild. 

One of those battlefronts is a federal court hearing November 12 on our lawsuit seeking to toss out the Trump administration’s unscientific and highly politicized removal of wolves from Endangered Species Act protections.

Please join us at noon MST on Wednesday, November 10 for our next WildEarth Webinar where we’ll break down this lawsuit and update you on other strategies we are unleashing to defend wolves—including a recent successful effort in Montana reining in wolf snaring and delaying the wolf trapping season in parts of the state.

Our WildEarth Webinars are always interactive, so please come with your questions.

Joining Guardians’ Conservation Director, Sarah McMillan, and Executive Director, John Horning, on this webinar will be Bonnie Rice and Carter Niemeyer.

Bonnie is the Senior Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club on national Endangered Species issues, and also directs their advocacy efforts on wildlife and public lands conservation in the northern Rockies region. She has nearly 30 years of experience working to promote strong policies to protect wildlife, public lands, and wild rivers, including previously with Greenpeace and American Rivers.

Carter is a retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wildlife biologist and former government trapper. In 2001 he was put in charge of USFWS’ wolf recovery program in Idaho, coincidentally retiring in 2006 on the same day that wolf management was handed over to the state of Idaho. His two award-winning memoirs, Wolfer and Wolf Land, reveal the wild and bumpy ride that turned a trapper—a killer—into an outspoken champion of wolves. Carter will join us directly after a week-long trip in Colorado educating ranchers about non-lethal coexistence measures they must take to coexist with wolves.

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