Stop Extinction Challenge: Activists meet with Senate offices to support the Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species Coalition activists and allies organized 44 meetings with Senate offices in 23 states.

Activists met with Senate staff or senators remotely to pressure them to oppose administrative or legislative weakening of the Endangered Species Act.

The Trump Administration has made repeated changes to the government’s responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act, weakening its capacity to slow or prevent extinction.

The activists meeting with Senate offices spoke about their personal connection to conservation and why they value the Endangered Species Act.

The Stop Extinction Challenge is an annual campaign of the Endangered Species Coalition, taking place in August when members of Congress are traditionally back in their home states. The Endangered Species Coalition pioneered this advocacy campaign in 2015 and has grown it yearly to include more offices in more states.

To learn more and join us, please visit the Stop Extinction Challenge campaign page.