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Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Climate Change Strategy

By Mitch Merry The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released their proposed Climate Change Strategy marking a positive first step in protecting species from the threats caused by a warming world. The Service says that the plan will “help guide the Fish and Wildlife Service’s response to impacts such as changing wildlife migration patterns, the spread of invasive species, changing precipitation patterns and rising sea levels.” It is a strong recognition by the administration of the scientific concensus that human… Continue reading

Victory for Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelets and Ancient Forests

Administration Announces Withdrawal of Old-Growth Logging Plan The Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced July 17 that the Bureau of Land Management will withdraw a controversial logging plan affecting federal forests managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon. The Secretary also announced that decisions by the previous administration to reduce designated critical habitat and establish a recovery plan for the Northern Spotted Owl were also being reversed. A new Northern Spotted Owl recovery plan will now be… Continue reading